Why don't you support OS X Lion or older?

We aim to support as many operating systems as we possibly can, having improved from our goal to supporting two versions of OS X at a time in 2013 to now supporting four. Cookie Stumbler 2 for instance can run on any OS starting OS X 10.8.

With regards to 10.7.x and below, we really tried to keep support up for as long as possible. The downside is, unfortunately, that Apple has removed support for the tools required to produce software for older Macs. While we are unable to provide software updates for older Macs, we do however still provide technical / security support for these versions, should the application you are using support this. In the case of Cookie Stumbler, definition updates continue to be issued to all versions of OS X and we are always available for privacy queries and 1 on 1 support in dealing with unique privacy threats on the machines of our users.